Why this blog?

It was only the other day, my 17 year daughter was going through another life changing drama (a sister stealing a top is considered a war crime to a teenager apparently), there was yelling and screaming and an obvious expectation of me to impose a lifetime grounding on the alleged offending sister.  I thought like this was the ideal time to set them down and give them a few life lessons on perspective, expectations and picking of battles etc. Of course, I was delusional to think that they wanted to hear any of this sagely advice from me, but a lack of awareness runs deeply through the male line of our family, so off I went.

I had only just got halfway through the “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” part of the speech when the eldest turned to me, crinkled her face in a pained expression (the one only she can do) and spat out “you couldn’t possibly understand, you weren’t even born in this century”. She immediately noticed my offended look, decided that she didn’t care and continued “you have no idea of what’s important anymore, you don’t know how we feel, and you certainly don’t know how young people think anymore”. I was taken slightly aback by this, I looked for support in my youngest daughter but instead found the little traitor had swiftly changed sides and was nodding in agreement while at the same time mouthing the word “exactly”. With this they both got up, satisfied their point was well made, and left, leaving me to ponder my new found obsolescence.

Over the next day or so the idea that I was perhaps out of touch with this new tech savvy, smashed avo eating world was starting to gnaw at me. Was my view of the world somehow tainted and skewed by the fact that I was born and brought up in a different time? Do I really fail to grasp a lot of what is going on around me? Should I care more about which Kardashian is getting married/pregnant/divorced? Am I doggedly hanging on to outdated ideas and traditions that have little relevance in the world of the millennial? My daughters would emphatically say Yes to all the above.

Having thought long and hard about this, I considered it to be a distinct possibility, hell, even the town that I live in has failed to successfully make the transition out of the 20th century.  I next wondered “Is this necessarily a bad thing?”. Surely my take on the world, given the vast amount of experience and knowledge I’ve gained over that time should count for something. The fact that the music and fashion of today is a reflection, if not a direct copy of the fashion and music that I grew up with shows that not all my era is redundant and does, in fact, still hold a modicum of importance in today’s world.

This reflection is, in effect, pretty much the direct reason of this blog that you are now reading. I thought that there must be fellow castaways from another era that feel their fit in this new world is not quite the snug one they remember, they don’t necessarily believe in the new ‘enlightened’ ways of doing everything and feel that they aren’t as offended by the smallest slight as they should be. I guess that the irony of all this is that I come from an era which shuns the outpouring of emotion and feelings and this blog somehow goes against all that, it puts my thoughts out to be read, even critiqued.

Here we go…..

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